Creative, Technical & Infographics Illustration

Illustration can be the cornerstone of a very successful and memorable marketing campaign. Custom illustration work can be used as part of a logo, as a mascot, it can be used as an alternative to photography for product representation and it can help to portray your brand image in a particular way. It is a feature that can be used on a wide range of promotional and educational material.

I work in both creative and technical styles, so can offer an illustration service for a wide range of projects.

Illustration - Creative & Technical

Technical illustration

Technical illustrations, technical drawings and diagrams are very useful to help convey a series of instructions such as in product user guides or handbooks. By using techniques such as cutaway views they can show operations or details that can not easily be shown by other methods. The purpose is usually to represent detail in a clear and concise way that is universally understandable, reducing the amount of words needed and removing confusion.


Information graphics or infographics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These images are used where ever a quick and simple explanation is needed, such as in maps, instruction booklets, quick start guides, signage, technical writing, and education. Useful when you need to present a message or process.

Creative illustration

Creative illustrations are usually of a more artistic nature, the intent is to convey a message, concept or theme in an engaging way. Style should be appropriate to the message and the audience. Creative illustration has traditionally been used as an effective form of product advertising on posters, billboards and signage.

From sketch book to screen

Generally, an illustration begins life as a rough sketch, before being digitised onto the computer to enable the real work to take place. Most of my illustrations are produced as vector artwork to enable them to be scaled without loss of quality – greatly increasing the flexibility of the final image. Such files can be used successfully in many applications including everything from websites up to large scale print.

Even though the final work is ultimately produced on a computer, to create a successful illustration I make use of the traditional drawing skills developed from my art college education. Whichever tools are used a computer can not make up for the absence of these skills.

Remember that custom illustrations can be used to great effect in many projects including:

  • t-shirts
  • stationery
  • brochures
  • flyers
  • posters
  • advertising
  • newsletters
  • exhibition displays
  • signage
  • instruction manuals
  • quick start guides
  • websites

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