Pixelated logo?

Do you have a logo but the only copy is poor quality?

If you only have a low-resolution JPG or PNG version of your logo you need my Logo Redrawing and Vector Conversion Service. With a low-resolution logo you will run into difficulties when it comes to using it for print jobs; more than likely it won’t even be up to scratch for use on the web.

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Before/after comparison

Logo Redrawing and Vector Conversion Service Logo Redrawing and Vector Conversion Service

Vector all the way…

A vector drawn logo can be printed at any size without loss of quality, everything from business cards to large scale exhibition displays. I can help you with this as I possess a Ninja level mastery of vector drawing, (just saying…not boasting or anything).

Design changes and variations…

I can work from your existing files to redraw your logo as a vector file. If required I can also incorporate any design changes or updates during the redraw; such as refreshing the fonts or colours for example.

I am often asked to produce a single colour or white out version of a logo that is needed for a specific application, packaging, labels etc. Once your logo is redrawn you have many more options when it comes to design and colour variations.

If you have this

Logo Redrawing and Vectorising Service
Low resolution pixelated logo

You really need this

Logo Redrawing and Vectorising Service
High quality vector drawn logo

What do you get from my Logo Redrawing and Vector Conversion Service?

I’ll recreate your low-resolution logo as high quality, scalable vector artwork, then send you a PDF proof to check over.

Once approved I provide you with the vector drawn artwork (Adobe Illustrator file) along with a number of other files depending on what you require; generally a vector based PDF plus a high-resolution JPG and PNG. I can also supply a square version for social media profile image use.

If required I will also supply a PDF spec sheet that details colours and fonts used.

How much?

The cost of my Logo Redrawing and Vector Conversion Service depends on how complex your logo is, hence the time it takes to redraw. Once I see a copy of your logo I’ll be able to give you a quote.

How long does it take?

A simple logo will be quicker to redraw than a complicated one. The timescale also depends on my current workload, if you have a specific deadline you need to work to let me know and I will see what I can do as I am very good at juggling multiple projects.

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