If your website is built with WordPress it is critical that the software is kept up to date. This includes the WordPress Core itself and all plugins and themes. If you don’t have the time or inclination to keep on top of these updates yourself you need one of my WordPress Care Plans.

What’s included in my WordPress Care Plans

Updates Plan – £20 per month

£120 invoiced in advance every six months

Management of all WordPress core, plugin, and theme updates on a bi-weekly or monthly basis as necessary

Review of the website directly after update implementation to verify no issues occurred as a result

Additional weekly offsite database backups

Weekly security monitoring

This keeps your website software up to date with all improvements, security and bug fixes.

Updates+ Plan – £40 per month

£240 invoiced in advance every six months

Everything from the Updates Plan

PLUS the addition of up to 1 hour per month design or content update time.

This time could be used for adding blog posts, new pages, general content changes or design changes.

This plan keeps your website software up to date with all improvements, security and bug fixes. It also helps keeps the content of your site current and fresh if you have regular blog/news items, content updates, offers etc. Note that content for adding blog posts, pages etc needs to be supplied by you.

The above plans are suitable for the average WordPress site. If your website is very large or complicated I can also provide bespoke website support, get in touch so we can discuss the details of your website and requirements.

Why you need a WordPress Care Plan

WordPress now runs around 30% of all websites on the internet. It’s popularity has made it a very inviting target for hackers, so more of them are being drawn to WordPress sites. This makes security an ever more critical aspect. WordPress itself and all good theme and plugin developers release regular updates to keep ahead of any security threats and patch any vulnerabilities.

It is therefore essential to keep your website software up to date. You can of course do this yourself via your admin login; alternatively I can take care of software updates for you with my WordPress Care Plans and Website Support Service.

Wordpress Care Plans Website Support

Apart from the obvious security reasons for keeping your WordPress website fully updated, when you take advantage of my WordPress Care Plans I also keep any eye out for potential problems with themes and plugins which can affect site performance and cause unforeseen issues. Through simple, consistent and regular maintenance I can help improve the overall reliability and performance of your website.


Contact me now to get your website up to date and secure.