Branding, logo & identity design

Consistent, cohesive branding.

Branding includes logo design and corporate identity, however it extends much further than your logo. It can help unite all aspects of your business and present a consistent, recognisable company image.

Branding can take time to implement, it can also be undermined very easily, consistency is very important. Your branding should be built upon and reinforced over time to build brand awareness with both your customers and your competition.

In a competitive business world your brand can set you apart from the competition, create recognition, make you memorable and build trust with your customers or clients.

Branding gives your business identity and personality beyond the products or services. It gives consumers something to relate to and connect with.

branding, brand design

It is very common for a company to have inconsistent branding.

This can give an unprofessional image to customers and competitors alike. The problem often arises when various designers and printers are used to produce the company logos, printed literature, web sites and so on. An inconsistent approach will result is a lack of coherent styling.

Avoid the pitfalls…

The most effective way to avoid this scenario is to find a good graphic designer and build a reliable working relationship.

A brand or style guidline is a useful document and will often be an essential part of the design process. The scope of the brand guide can vary from just one or two pages, covering the basics of the brand style, up to a large multipage document.

A comprehensive brand guide can be used to detail exactly how logos should be used in all situations, ink colours used for various printing methods, typefaces required and how type should be formatted. Often specific examples of how the brand is implemented across media types, etc are included.

When used correctly these guidlines will ensure that your brand remains consistent and professional.

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