The Creative Surge graphic design process:

The Graphic Design Process should be straight forward and hassle free, by following a tried and tested workflow Creative Surge produces effective, memorable & affordable design. The following graphic design process forms the basis of all design projects undertaken by Creative Surge.

The Brief – after the initial consultation a design brief needs to be formulated, this can be either by myself, by the client or a combined effort. Once I fully understand the project requirements I can provide a quote, work does not commence until the quote and its details are agreed.

The Graphic Design Process

Research – an important stage, where a clear picture of the clients business is formed, along with information about their products & services, their customers, competitors, position in their particular marketplace, the image/impression they portray or wish to portray.

Initial ideas – usually done with a sketch pad and pencil, this is where the creative process begins. Often many ideas and scribbles are produced, from this stage I take the most promising concepts to the computer.

Development – initial concepts are worked into a format ready for presentation to the client. When designing logos I work in black and white and put various solutions together, the outcome is usually between 2 and 4 possible logos.

Presentation – the design or logo variations generated in the previous stage are then sent to the client for review, ideally this will result in constructive feedback to assist fine tuning of the preferred design.

Finishing touches – the chosen design/logo concept is refined, this includes working with colour options and making those little adjustments that can make all the difference to the finished project. This is a time to check over all the finer details.

Finishing off – the final stage of the graphic design process, once all amendments and tweaks have been completed a final proof is sent to the client for approval, when passed the design or logo can be output to it’s final format, whether that be print, web or both.